After diving nearly 3 decades and having tried all sorts of questionable mixtures, I would still regularly get otitis externa (outer ear infection).

Ear Pro seemed to have found the magic potion of all natural ingredients and essential oils. This ear spray does the job and keeps sea and jungle bacteria at bay during long expeditions. Added bonus is the smell, you’d want to spray it on your pizza.

Ben Reymenants

First diver to pass the 200m mark in open ocean Technical Diving Instructor & Trainer Sponsored by Xdeep, Fourth Element, Halcyon and many more

I’ve been sharing my time between underwater and the surface world since 1986. When I’ve discovered EAR PRO my surface interval became much nicer. The sensation after swimming or diving is the very best!

André Valentim, Rio de Janeiro , Brasil

AV DIVE CEO Mares Ambassadsor

Since I spend my life underwater around the world, I am thankful for this product.
Because of Ear Pro I no longer worry about the water quality in a pool or harbour.
I have had zero ear problems ever since I started frequently using their natural product.
Safe for kids, so it is also the perfect protection for our family to use at the ocean or in a pool.

Theo Knevel

Manager at Cressi after a career as a frogman withing the Special Forces. Scuba & Freedive Instructor Triathlete

I used and tested Ear Pro, and my opinion is very good: finally a product that instead of killing everything in your ears, simply a natural solution to the ear problems respecting their environment.

Massimo Boyer

editor of the website Scubaportal director of the magazine Scubazone PADI Master instructor Marine Biologist Underwater Photographer

I love your product.

It works surprisingly well!!!!!

Solves an important problem……And so simple!


Tony Finn

Inventor of wakeboarding & Co-founder of Liquid Force
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