7 effective ways to get water out of your ear

14 January 2021
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Did you ever have the sensation that your ears feel clogged after a swim or taking a shower? That might mean that you have water in your ears. Any water can be contaminated with bacteria and, if not removed, you may end up with an infection of your external ear canal. This condition is often referred to as Otitis Externa or Swimmer’s Ear. Symptoms can include ear pain, itching and irritation in and around your ear canal as well as redness and swelling of your outer ear and ear canal.

But it mustn’t come to that as there are quite a few simple home remedies – Here, we’ve compiled a list of effective treatments to remove water from your ear canal or, even better, prevent the problem altogether. Read on to find out:

Tip #1: Try more water

This technique is equally surprising and effective. Just lie on your side and fill up the affected ear with clean water. Then wait a few seconds and turn over. All of the water should be able to come out easily!

Tip #2: Let gravity help you

This approach is similar to our first tip – but, forego adding water to your ear and simply lie on your side for quite a few minutes to ensure that all water is slowly drained from your ear canal.

Tip #3: Tug your earlobe

This approach works in a variety of different ways: you can either shake your head from side to side or tug your earlobe while tilting your head downwards.

Tip #4: Use a hair dryer

The hot air from a hair dryer may help to evaporate the water inside your ears. But, always make sure to turn it to its lowest setting and hold it at a minimum distance of one foot away from your ear to avoid any injuries.

Tip #5: Try olive oil

This requires a bit of time and preparation but it works. Simply warm some olive oil and then drop a small quantity within the affected ear. Lie on your side to let the oil do its job and then get up and tilt your head downward. The oil will not only help to repel and therefore remove the water but may also help to prevent infections.

Tip #6: Try Ear Pro

Ear Pro is an effective solution against trapped water and related ear issues. Ear Pro’s main ingredient coats the ear canal with a highly water-repellent layer, waterproofing the skin lining and dispelling water from the ear. This limits direct skin exposure to water and any contaminants or microorganisms contained in the water, helping to prevent ear infections and Swimmer’s Ear.

Ear Pro contains oregano oil whose natural antimicrobial properties target any bacteria and fungi that can cause ear infections.

Ear Pro is highly effective and has helped many customers. You can find their helpful reviews here.

Tip #7: What not to do!

Some advise to use eardrops made of either hydrogen peroxide or a mix of alcohol and vinegar. However, without consulting a physician, we certainly do not recommend using these.

Please also don’t use any objects within your ear canal such as your fingers or cotton swabs as you most likely make things even worse by adding bacteria or injuring your ear.

Also, please go and see your doctor if you have pain or any other symptoms which may indicate an infection of your outer ear canal.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.


Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash – thanks very much!

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